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Finding it harder to gain weight? We suggest you to eat every two to four hours, meaning you’ll have smaller meals more frequently. Gaining weight doesn’t mean you should stop exercising however you should instead focus on resistance training and limit endurance-type training.

Just for you we’ve worked on a specific health plan, that will help you kickstart your helath journey.

Your Perfect Nutrition Program:

Breakfast - Half egg inside half an avocado with sliced bananas and tomatoes on the side.
Lunch - Cauliflower rice with ¼ cup of brown rice, grilled chicken and sweet potato.
Dinner - Large mixed roasted vegetable salad with olives, olive oil, beans, quinoa with Salmon.
Snacks - Almond butter with apples & cheddar cheese cubes.

Your Perfect Fitness Program:

3 x weekly resistance training
2 x Crossfit training sessions
2 x 40 minute walks

To gain weight faster, we suggest you to combine our specific health plan with our Green Cleansing Elixir. Our ALL-IN-ONE plant-based nutritional drink will help boost your energy, build strength and improve your immunity overall. In just one scoop a day you will have your daily dose of fruits and veggies!

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Finding it difficult to move those stubborn pounds!? We hear you! We’ve created the ultimate nutrition guide low in calories to help you shred unwanted fat. On top of this, we thought of a workout plan that will help you to reach your health goals faster. Focusing on resistance training is still key, but performing more endurance training will help increase metabolic rate and burn fat. Follow our health plan that will help you lose unwanted body fat faster!

Your Perfect Nutrition Program:

Breakfast - Half egg inside half an avocado with sliced bananas and tomatoes on the side.
Lunch - Cauliflower rice with grilled chicken and sliced cucumbers.
Dinner - Spiralized noodles with sugar snap peas and steamed shrimp.
Snacks - Apples with PB butter & Celery sticks.

Your Perfect Fitness Program:

3 x weekly weights program includes Deadlifts
3 sets of 8 to 10 reps Push-ups
1 x 30-60 min walking/light-jogging

Once you start to feel comfortable we suggest you to focus on completing more work in less time (using shorter rest periods), performing more sets of moderate to high reps (eight to 15) to get the best results.

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Looking to maintain weight and remove all the nasties out of your body ASAP!? We’ve crafted a health plan just for you to keep your body in shape all-year long and help you to stay fit.

Your Perfect Nutrition Program:

Breakfast - Greek yogurt with banana on top and a side of egg whites and tomato.
Lunch - Cauliflower rice with grilled chicken and sliced cucumbers.
Dinner - Quinoa with beans and roasted vegetables.
Snacks - Apples and cheddar cheese cubes.

Your Perfect Fitness Program:

3-4 x HIIT Workouts per week
2 x Resistance training sessions
2 x 10 minute sprints

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